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Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

The plasma pipe cutting machine can be used for cutting of end surface of pipes, the intersection plane of the pipe with the plane, pipes with pipes, pipes with spherical surface and pipes with curved surface.

Pipe diameter mm 60-600mm,90-900mm,150-1200mm
Pipe length mm 600~12000mm or At customer's choice
Pipe wall thickness mm Plasma cutting thickness: according to the power supply value; Flame cutting thickness: 6-80mm
Control axis mm 5-axis or 6-axis
Cutting torch mm 1
Cutting mode Plasma cutting or flame cutting

The plasma pipe cutting machine has the following features

1. The motion trail of the cutting machine is controlled by 5-axis or 6-axis digital control system, thus realizing intersecting line cutting of pipes.
2. It adopts fully digitized industrial computer which has stability and reliability as CNC control.
3. The cutting machine can realize cutting without wasted material.

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